Experts from Turkey Presenting New Technologies in Water Supply, Which Can Help Sarajevo

Conference and exhibition about water supply systems and leaks in pipeline networks started at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) on October 19, 2017. Experts in water supply systems from Turkey and BiH, and representatives of Turkish companies and local government will be able to talk about new technologies which could stabilize water and sewer systems during the two-day conference.

The conference was opened by Dr. T. Erkan Türe, Rector of IUS, the venue for the conference and interactive international forum. He said that this event is confirmation of Turkey’s involvement in the development and progress of Sarajevo’s infrastructure.

“I hope this conference will be about tackling dilemmas and devising strategies. I believe that we are all eager to learn from each other; to collaborate on specific areas and to foster dialogue and partnership between experts, between the business world, knowledge institutions and different tiers of government. That is why we are happy and proud that Turkish, Bosnian and water experts from other countries are here at IUS today”, said Rector Türe.

Senaid Memić, Ilidža Municipality Major, said that the Municipality has enormous water resources, but nevertheless faced great problems due to many different reasons and due to lack of investment for past 20 years. He said that the problem with water supply system can be solved by changing the way in which we exploit water, and by choosing experienced and qualified managers.

“We have a new system, enough resources, but 75 percent of water is being lost on daily basis. That means that we must find the way to change this situation. To change this situation we must first change the way we see it, meaning that we must start using new technologies as soon as possible.”

Azra Muzur, the recently appointed director of Water and Sewer Systems (Vodovod i kanalizacija), said that fighting the leaks on daily basis is the primary task of the new management.

“The founder of our company, government of Canton Sarajevo, and parliament of Canton Sarajevo, and especially with the engagement of the prime minister who offered financial and full support to the company, are resolved to solve the water supply problem. The citizens, the management and the employees of our company will be pleased when that happens.”

Yasin Torun, president of Turkish Society for Infrastructure and Trenchless Technology (TSITT) from Turkey, founded in 2012 in Istanbul, said that the Society previously organized conferences in Istanbul and Ankara.

“Hundreds of people were present in these conferences and supported us in every way in order to help minimize the water leakage. In BiH today and tomorrow, we will meet very important people who will present us solutions for this problem. I hope that these events will provide support for our work in the years to come, and that we will find solutions to all problems”, said Torun.

The final address at the opening ceremony was given by Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey Halil Ümit Cemaloğlu, who emphasized that Turkey has great economic relationship with BiH, that it supports BiH in its aim to and become full member of European Union of NATO.