Experience of IUS student during his IAESTE practice in Poland

Students of the International University of Sarajevo continuously achieve great success, and therefore contribute in many aspects to their own academic development.

Senad Alibegović, a student of the third year in the Architecture department of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS) went to complete his internship in Poland, organized this year by IAESTE, the International Association for the Exchange of students of the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering. Practice was based on the work of the architectural office Buir Projektow Jerzy Lutomski for 6 weeks at the position of an architect - assistant designer.

''After returning home, I realized how much this area was important for my further professional development, as well as the influence it caused on my view of the world and my personal views. A young man who gets a chance to learn, work and is being introduced to a whole new culture, language and environment, cannot but be affected in its current perception of the world. I am thrilled with Poland and its people, but also practical knowledge, and I also heartily recommend all students to apply at the IAESTE and look for their own internship place, because after completing their practice they will get the benefit of an immense experience. As the old Latins say: Usus magister est optimus! / Experience is the best teacher "- said Senad.

IAESTE is the world's largest organization for exchange of students and since its establishment in 1948 at Imperial College in London, more than 300,000 students in the faculties of natural and technical sciences received the opportunity to gain practical experience abroad in as many as 83 countries where IAESTE has its local branches. Since last year, the students of the International University of Sarajevo were given this opportunity, and Senad was the first IUS student, who used the opportunity for an internship.