The exhibition of the World Greatest Psychologists Contribution held at IUS

On Friday, January 6, 2017, the International Psychology Students Association organized an exhibition entitled "the World Greatest Psychologists Contribution” at the International University of Sarajevo.

BA Psychology Program, History of Psychology course students as part of their assignment project prepared unique posters of world greatest psychologists. Around 50 posters displayed the world greatest psychologists and their theories. The posters were divided into five sections, which include historical psychologists and modern psychologists from Psychoanalytical, Behaviourism and other school of psychologists. An important feature of the exhibition was an exclusive section on women psychologists and their contribution to the world of psychology and other fields.  Students interacted with participants and explained the world greatest psychologist contribution to psychology and other disciplines.

The aim of this exhibition was to showcase the history of psychology, and the different fields and types of psychology. The students who organized it were cut up into groups, each choosing a topic to present. Some chose to make their own, others however, worked in groups to display different types of psychology. 

Vice-Rectors, FASS Dean and Professors, IUS Staff and Students visited the exhibition, discussed their ideas and appreciated the students for their good work.