Exhibition - The Sublime Vision

Assist. Prof. Meliha Teparić from Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Program (VACD) opened the exhibition titled ''Sublime Vision'' at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) on Tuesday, September 22, 2015. The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held at the IUS Art Gallery with welcoming address of the artist saying “The art and spirituality are inseparable from man. They urge the person especially the artist to constantly explore the boundaries of intellect, behind the veil of the visible and show the experience of the inside of this phenomenal world''. 

The exhibition ''Vision Sublime” presents 11 artists (Admir Mujkić, Amela Hadžemejlić, Avdo Ziga, Ćazim Hadžimejlić, Khalid Emrić, Haris Memija, Meliha Teparić, Mirza Agić, Samir Sinanović, Sead Emrić and Taida Jašarević) creative researches that deal with spirituality, or artistic stages that refer to spirituality as part of their cultural heritage. The concept of this exhibition is based on works of art that emerged in both classical and new media, but with equally positive results. Most of the selected works that are exhibited were inspired by Rumi's poetry and sufism or refer to legendary characters or traditional motifs. The exhibition is open for visitations until October 30th, 2015.