Exhibition "Dig for Victory" opened at IUS Art Gallery

“Dig for Victory” is the title of the exhibition of war posters 1992-1995 collected during the siege of Sarajevo which was supplemented by the documentary “Forget Sarajevo”. The poster exhibition was organized during the war and shown for the first time in the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993. Later on, the exhibition was supplemented by exhibiting material and displayed under the auspices of Jacques Chirac in Paris in 1994. In addition, the exhibition was a part of the large project of posters from the First World War and Second World War at Hood Museum in Hanover – NH, USA, in 1996.

The exhibition was opened by Professor Nermina Zildžo who is, also, the curator of the above-mentioned exhibitions and the author of the documentary “Forget Sarajevo”.

The exhibition will be on display from 22 July until 14 October 2016 at IUS Art Gallery .