Exchange and Scholarships Options for Students and Staff of the IUS

Exchange and Scholarships Options for Students and Staff of the IUS

The International University of Sarajevo (IUS) for the first time acquired the right to participate in one of the EU projects for exchange of staff and student and scholarships. It is on the Erasmus Mundus: Action 1 - scholarships for '' joint '' master and doctoral programs and Action 2 - exchange programs. Action 1 refers to a common master (one to two years) and doctoral programs (three to four years). '' Joint'' studies are a program realized by joint organized of several universities. The students listens to lectures and take exams at different universities, and by completing the studies he receives a diploma signed by all universities that are in the consortium, or only those where the student has resided. 

Under Action 2 - exchange program, students in all three study cycles and academic staff will have the opportunity to study, educate themselves and do research at 55 universities of the EU Member States. This exchange will enable them to improve their knowledge and skills, exchange experiences and prove their quality on an international level. Candidates can apply at some of the six following projects: 

  2. SIGMA Agile
  3. Euroweb+
  4. Eraweb
  5. GreenTech
  6. Sunbeam 

Each of these projects have 8 to 10 EU partner universities who are available to all interested candidates. Vacancies for applications for exchange programs will be open from December 2014 to March 2015 (depending on the project). Vacancies are valid for the 2015/2016 academic year. More detailed information on projects, or how to apply, conditions and required documents can be found at the website of the International Relations Office of IUS: 

Exchange programs:

Joint master and doctoral programs: