Excellent Opportunity for Students to Take Part in Erasmus Funded Internship Program

For the past two years, International Relations Office (IRO) helped realize international student internships for IUS students. 3 of our students have already taken part in the Erasmus Internship for Young Entrepreneurs Program, a cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other Participating Countries. The exchange of experience takes place during a stay with the experienced entrepreneur, which helps the new entrepreneur acquire the skills needed to run a small firm. The host benefits from fresh perspectives on his/her business and gets the opportunities to cooperate with foreign partners or learn about new markets.
The local contact point in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Center for Development of Social Entrepreneurship, the only authorized organization of the kind that guides the candidates through the exchange: helps with the application, helps establish a successful relationship with a suitable entrepreneur as well as providing all the answers to the open questions. 
It is important to underline that students motivated to launch their own business after the conclusion of the internship will have an advantage in the selection process. The Center for Development of Social Entrepreneurship will assist these potential entrepreneurs in obtaining financing for their business.
For more information please contact Adi Puran, (adi.puran@crsp.ba), Deputy Director of the Centre for Development of Social Entrepreneurship. To register for participation in the Erasmus Internship for Young Entrepreneurs Program please visit the following website https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/erasmusentrepreneurs/index.cfm?fuseaction=n...