"EU Enlargement & ISLAM" lecture held at IUS

On Friday, May 25, 2012, International University of Sarajevo had the pleasure to host Dr. Jeff VanDenBerg . He gave a lecture on the subject of "EU Enlargement & ISLAM". The lecture was held at the Amphitheatre on the ground floor.

"The question of Islam and Muslim communities in the European Union often raises difficult debates about politics and identity. From controversies such as the hijab ban in French schools and the referendum prohibiting the building of minarets in Switzerland, to the possible membership of Turkey with its large Muslim population, the place of Islam in Europe is a critically important topic. Despite many high profile controversies which seem to show widespread Islamophobia in Europe, my initial research research points to a more complex picture. '' said Prof. VanDenBerg.

Dr. VanDenBerg's research interests focus on Arab politics and international relations in the Middle East. As a USIA/NMERTP Fellow in 1996, he conducted research in Jordan that included personal interviews with Jordan's prime ministers, cabinet members, parliamentarians, and other government officials.

He is the author of "King Hussein and Black September," and "Generational Leadership Change in the Arab World" (both in the edited volumes History in Dispute: The Middle East Since 1945.