Enrollment in the best private university is still ongoing


IUS strives to attract and retain outstanding, qualified lecturers and administrative staff who make a major contribution in their fields of activity and enable participation in innovative research projects, in order to continuously improve the provision of services to students and the community.

We remind you that, according to the latest Webometrics report, published in July 2020, the International University of Sarajevo was named the best private university in BiH for the fourth time. Prior to that, IUS has been named the best private university in BiH in 2016, 2017, and January 2020. We are the only university in the region whose English Language School has received accreditation from EQUALS.

IUS and modern challenges in education

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and all the necessary national measures taken to combat the spread of the virus have caused significant disruptions in the way education, training, and mobility are provided for students, professors, and educators around the world.

As a result, education has changed drastically, with the characteristic rise of online learning, where classes were conducted on digital platforms until the end of the spring semester.

In the case of the International University of Sarajevo, the shift from teaching to online learning was more than copying in-class learning to online learning. It was about looking for the best solution to connect with students. It was about creating a sense of togetherness and cooperation.

Furthermore, this was another opportunity to show why IUS is ranked in the first place and is considered the leading higher education institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. IUS was the first university to launch online classes with great success. Microsoft Teams was the main platform used to conduct online classes. Microsoft Teams is a unified platform for communication and collaboration that combines constant chat in the workplace, video meetings, file storage (including file collaboration), and application integration.

IUS - the place where your future begins

The global crisis and the challenges facing the world in each of its segments, caused by the coronary virus pandemic, have not stopped IUS from seeking and finding new ways to raise the quality of education it currently provides to an even higher level.

Faced with the challenge of online learning, IUS in accordance with its professional standards and quality of education offers an additional benefit in studying to those who are not able to attend the full-time study. Consequently, in addition to the Competition for enrollment of students in the first year of undergraduate and master studies, IUS has decided to open a competition for enrollment of students for Distance Learning. Information on the DL study is available here.

In addition to introducing DL mode of study, IUS has continued to build an international network of partners with the aim of improving its services and the quality of education. In addition to the already existing international programs for obtaining double degrees between IUS and Istanbul University and istanbul Technical University, IUS is working on the implementation of a joint master's program in the field of Bioanalytical Technology with the Catholic University of Lublin. This project is fully sponsored by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA). In addition to the above, IUS and Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society (HWG LU) recently announced cooperation on a dual master's degree program (MBA).


Why IUS?

• 5 different faculties and 21 study programs,

• international recognition and accreditation of YOK,

• education based on Bologna standards and the European credit transfer system,

• 200 active international agreements,

• national and international accreditation,

• programs for obtaining double degrees with the best universities in Turkey,

• distance learning

• partnership with prestigious institutions in Turkey in various fields,

• qualified professors from various countries who have a doctorate from world-renowned universities,

• continuous and high scholarship rates,

• living and learning with students from 45 countries,

• advanced level of the English Language Preparatory School,

• the possibility of transferring points between study programs,

• flexible work plan and program,

  • easy access,

• large campus,

• Hundreds of exchange students each year through

   Erasmus + and Mevlana exchange programs,

• teaching in English,

• recognized diploma,

• the largest and most modern campus.



• Laboratory for Economics,

• GSM laboratory,

• psychology laboratory,

• physics laboratory,

• laboratory for computer science,

• laboratories for electrical engineering and electronics,

• architectural studio,

• mechanical laboratory,

• TV studio.



• dormitories

• art gallery

• sports fields

• gym

• A state-of-the-art library and access to world databases

We remind you that the competition for enrolling students in the first year of the first, second,  and third cycle of studies at the organizational units of the university in the academic year 2020/2021. years is still open.

All additional information can be obtained by calling 033 957 175 or by e-mail: sao@ius.edu.ba