EMSA Conference

European Muslim Students Association (EMSA) organized a traditional one day Conference in the main amphitheatre of the International University of Sarajevo on Monday, January 11, 2016. This year’s Conference was titled: ‘’Following Prophet’s Blessed Steps’’. Vice Rector for General Affairs, Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhamed Ali welcomed distinguished guests and officially opened the Conference. During the opening ceremony, the participants were addressed by the President of EMSA, Kanita Krdžalić as well.  She briefly presented the work of the Association and thanked all those who have decided to be part of this event. The Conference was divided into two parts with three topics presented by madrasa graduates that are currently students at different universities in BiH.

Speakers at the Conference were: Merjema Hasičić, Eldar Tutnić, Rumejsa Ribo, Muamer Seljubac, Davud Efendić and Haris Zogić and they presented various examples and aspects of the Prophet's life but also talked about the way the same have been followed until now. Guests had the opportunity to make comments during the lecture or pose questions to speakers in order to better understand the topics that were discussed. The aim of this Conference is to introduce young people to the true and original meaning of Islam, as well as its application in modern times through the prism of the Prophet's life and practice.