Emeritus Professor Dr. Harry Miller was Invaluable Asset of IUS

The academic communities of IUS, UNSA Faculty of Science, and Bosnia and Herzegovina have lost Prof. Dr. Harry Miller, a great individual and academician.

He was a lecturer from 2011 at the IUS Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. He was also a member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The world renowned and esteemed scientist was born in 1939 in Chicago. He graduated in Mathematics at the University of Illinois. After completing their Ph.D. studies, he and his wife Naza Tanović moved to and started working in BiH. When someone referred to him as an American, Professor Miller always added: “I am a Bosnian, too.” There is even a film which was made about him because he was among rare Americans who stayed in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war.

Throughout his great career, he taught at 12 universities all over the world, published 86 academic works in international periodicals in 11 countries.

He was highly praised, respected and much-loved by his associates at the IUS. His inheritance will now be spread and passed on youth by his daughter, who is also academician at our university – Prof. Dr. Lejla Miller.

Among students, he was extremely popular and favorite because of his informality, modesty, sense of humor. He loved the youth and cared about them.

International University of Sarajevo extends sincerest condolences to family, friends, colleagues and students of Professor Doctor Harry Miller.