Dr. Mustafa Bal at Sarajevo Winter on Day of Closing Ceremony

Dean of FASS, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bal participated at 33. International festival Sarajevo Winter 2017, on the day of the closing ceremony. 

"Poetry of the Space of the Silk Road" was one of the events that marked the closure of the festival. Poetry reading took place in Morica Han on March 21, where poem "Grbavica" by Dr. Bal was presented. 

The poem was created in Sarajevo couple of years ago and published in Turkish and English. The poem captures the reality of the integrated Grbavica in 1995, and is an extraordinary, emotional testimony of the symbolism of the brutality and sorrow which is what Grbavica represented back then. 

After the poetry session, the Isfahan Gallery was introduced by the owner to the students of literature.