Dr. Karataş holds a public seminar on Ibn Khaldun's Economic Theories

On Monday, May 24, 2010, Dr. Selim Cafer Karataş held a public seminar on „According to Ibn Khaldun's Economic Theories: The Rise and Fall of Nations“ at the IUS Amphitheatre. Dr. Karataş opened his seminar with the explanation that for Ibn Khaldun „our civilization aims for the preservation of religion, human soul, intellect, progeny and property“. He then stated that rise of the nation can not be based on the destroyed personalities.

During his presentation, Dr. Karataş mentioned conditions that need to be fulfilled for the rise of the nation according to Ibn Khaldun: firm establishment of private property rights and freedom of enterprise; the rule of law; the security of peace; lower taxation; less bureaucracy and smaller, efficient armies; no governmental involvement in trade production and commercial affairs; no fixation of prices by the government; a rule that does not give monopoly power to anyone in the market; stable monetary policy and independent monetary authority; larger population and broader market; creative education and collective responsibility.

The public seminar ended with the question/answer session between Dr. Karataş and the attendees.