Dr. Haris Gačanin gave a lecture on Mobile/Wireless networks - the latest research

Dr. Haris Gačanin gave a lecture on “Mobile/Wireless networks - the latest research” at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) on Monday, October 27th, 2014. Many professors, students and guests interested in this area of research attended this lecture.

Dr. Gačanin used the opportunity of this public lecture to briefly look back at the process of developing innovation in the field of wireless technology, both in society as well as globally. He talked about the research methods used by his team of researchers. At the end of the lecture, a discussion was opened and students and professors shared this opportunity to ask the questions.

Dr. Haris Gačanin is the head of the research department at the Alcent Lucent Bell company from Antwerp (Belgium). His research interests are: mobile and wireless networks, as well as the process of resolving systemic problems that are related to network.