Dosthane TV show broadcasted live from IUS

On June 14th, 2013, the famous Turkish artist and showman at the KonTV, Mr. Orhan Çakmak, broadcasted his popular TV show, Dosthane live from IUS.

During the ceremony of awarding diplomas to IUS graduates, Mr. Çakmak reported several times from the scene and interviewed also the Minister of Forestry and Waters of the Republic of Turkey, Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroglu, who specially came from Turkey to IUS graduation ceremony.

After the ceremony, cocktails for all invitees were organized and Mr. Çakmak had his TV show broadcasted until late hours. In the beginning of the show his guests were: Mr. Hasan Topaloğlu, the President of the Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo (founder of IUS), Prof. Dr. Özer Çınar, Rector of IUS, Ms. Munira Subašić, a Representative of the Association of Mothers of Srebrenica, Mr. Mohammed Šabanović from Sarajevo also known as 'Who is you.'

In the second part of the show, Mr. Çakmak hosted famous BH artists Ms. Hanka Paldum and Mr. Mirza Šoljanin, as well as young musical talent and future student of IUS, Ms. Almu Subašić .

In her talks with Mr. Cakmak ,BH diva Hanka Paldum, said for KonTV that she has excellent cooperation with artists from the Republic of Turkey, and that the crown of such a long-standing collaboration is a song entitled 'Life is Beautiful', which was recently recorded with Turkish artist of Bosnian origin, Mr. Cenk Bosnali. The song is performed half in Turkish language and half in the Bosnian language, while the spot was filmed in Izmir, Turkey.

Ms. Hanka Paldum delighted the audience with her performance of the songs 'Osman Pasha' and 'Moj dilbere' in Turkish and Bosnian language, on the plateauof the International University of Sarajevo. Mr. Mirza Šoljanin also performed his best songs, he is a young musical star and a winner of the show "You can be a star" of the Hayat TV, as well as a friend and frequent guest of IUS. Mr. Šoljanin recently made a remarkable performance at the IUS Spring Festival which was held in May, for all IUS students.

In his show Mr. Çakmak also hosted aa young BH musical talent from Konjic, Ms. Alma Subašić. She impressed everyone ( students, parents and guests) with her vocal abilities. In her address for KonTV, Alma said that it is an exceptional honor for her that she was given an opportunity to study at IUS, and it does not have to go abroad to have access to quality education in an international environement. Alma received this year a 100% scholarship from IUS, as the best high school senior in her school.

It is important to note that the broadcast of the Dosthane show has been done in cooperation with Hayat TV, whose teams were present throughout the IUS graduation ceremony, and that Mr. Çakmak is a coordinator of Hayat TV in Turkey.