Development of Genetics and Bioengineering Laboratory at IUS

International University of Sarajevo (IUS) is becoming an internationally recognized center for research, development and education in various fields, for students and aspiring researchers and scientists. The new innovations and improvements that have been made in the past can say a lot about dedication of management and academic staff of the University in creating environment for scientific development of young researchers. Namely a project funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in 2014 was successfully implemented and 150.000 KM were allocated for the IUS Genetics and Bioengineering Labs. Also, other programs at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS) were funded for further development, where a total sum of invested funds exceeded 350.000 KM.

''With support of the former Coordinator of the Research Development Center Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Osman Kuşakçi, and consultation with other academic staff of the University, we have diligently worked on collecting bids, creating reports and establishing communication with large companies that eventually resulted in the purchase of special equipment for quality development projects of our laboratories. Our goal was to provide students with access to laboratories and let them work with latest (modern) equipment. It is interesting to mention that visiting professor, Dr. Azizul Haque said that there are many universities in the United States (US) which lack certain equipments that IUS already has in its laboratories for research '' - said Senior Assistant at the Genetics and Bioengineering program at FENS, Jasmin Šutković.

When it comes to equipment that has been provided, it is important to point out the following; IUS bought 8 new machines: (QRT PCR machine, CO2 incubator, inverted fluorescent microscope, Chemiluminescene gel imager system, centrifuge with cooling, Microplate reader, etc.). All that is mentioned above, with already existing equipment makes a complete and round cycle for successfully meeting the needs of high-quality laboratories for research in the scientific field of genetics and bioengineering as molecular biology of plants, human genetics, molecular biomedicine, molecular cell biology, computer biology and bioinformatics. Genetics and Bioengineering Laboratory is part of the Research Development Center. Is this way, IUS is becoming a Balkan center exchange of researchers and scientists in the fields of development and research, and exchange of academic staff through successful future cooperation with many renowned researchers worldwide.

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