Dev Days, Development of Web Application Workshop at IUS

Dev Days, Development of Web Application Workshop, was held at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) on 09.05 and 10.05. 2018. The workshop was opened by AtlantBH Talent Manager, Amela Trokić and welcomed by Program Coordinator of Computer Sciences and Engineering (CS) Program at IUS, Assistant Professor Kanita Karađuzović-Hadžiabdić.
Dev Days were aimed for all those who were interested in improving their knowledge in web application development. Participants worked in teams supervised by experienced AtlantBH engineers and student mentors (Sara Spahić, Saira Tanković, Adem Dinarević, Amar Tirić and Benjamin Jurić) from CS program trained by AtlantBH.
The workshop provided a unique opportunity for the participants to get a hands-on practical experience by working on a mini real-life project under the supervision of the experts from AtlantBH. The workshop is an example of good practice of cooperation between IT companies and universities.