Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Bekir Bozdag visited IUS

Today, in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia-Herzegovina, during the "International Symposium on Family", a conference organized by the Turkish International Cooperation Agency and Cooperation (TIKA), the International Association for the presentation of the life of Prophet Muhammad (Muhder), and the Turkish Ministry for Social Policy Conference, and hosted by the International University of Sarajevo, a university founded in 2004 by Turkish entrepreneurs, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Bekir Bozdag noted the following:

“Today follows an important day, because on July 11, 1995, Srebrenica witnessed one of the greatest genocides of the world. Maybe it witnessed a first of its specificity. A place declared by the United Nations (UN) to be a safe zone, where people were invited by officials by promises of safety of life and possessions, where we know that a population of 6 thousand swelled to 50 thousand on this invitation and the Dutch PeaceKeeping Forces were tasked with the safety of these people and that [the Dutch forces] were provided with all legal and other privileges to this end. People answer this call, not only of their brothers, but of the world, of the United Nations (UN), without guns and [trusting] this surety, answered the invitation and again under UN protection suffer genocide. Srebrenica genocide with this side to it may be the only one of its kind in the world. This is a collective shame of not those the perpetrators, but also those of who had the power and the right but did not, could not use it to stop this from happening. We wish that such instances never recur in the world, that all people become one, one family, and protect humanity as if protecting their own family.”

In addition to Bekir Bozdag, the Reis-ul-Ulema of Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina Mustafa Ceric, Managing Director of TIKA Serdar Cam, a representative of the Parliament of Azerbaijan Ganira Pashayeva, Sandzak Mufti Muamer ef Zukorlic, President of Muhder Prof. Dr. Ilhan Yildiz, the rector of IUS Prof. Dr. Özer Çınar have remarked on the importance of family.