Delegation of Hak-İş Visited IUS

On May 18, 2017, the delegation of Hak-İş Labor Union Confederation, lead by the Hak-İş President Mr. Mahmut Arslan visited International University of Sarajevo (IUS). During the meeting, the possibilities for future cooperation between the two institutions were discussed. The confederation currently supports the education of 10,000 students, and one of the topics was the support to successful students of IUS. Also, there was a mention of the topic of reconstruction of Dom Sindikata in Sarajevo, which is a project financed by Hak-İş, and implemented in cooperation with Turkish Cooperation and Coordination agency (TIKA).

Hak-İş Labor Union Confederation was founded on October 22, 1976, in Ankara, and has 22 unions with over 440.000 members. Hak-Iş is also active in global trade union movement, it is an affiliate of ETUC (The European Trade Union Confederation) and ITUC (The International Trade Union Confederation). Hak-İş Confederation regards it essential to respect human dignity and rights, worker's rights, universal principles and values, international norms and standards, the Constitution and just natural (natural law) rules. The Confederation visits many regions including Balkan countries in order to provide better living conditions for the citizens and students, with the focus on cooperation with Labor Unions.