Declaration on the condemnation of the Nobel Prize for Literature awarded to Peter Handke

On the International university of Sarajevo Senate session held on Wednesday, December 11. 2019, the Senate brought the following decission:

The International University of Sarajevo (IUS) strongly promotes justice grounded on the rule of law and democratic values, particularly with the reference to Srebrenica Genocide and crimes against humanity that were committed across former Yugoslavia. We hold Srebrenica Genocide and sentenced crimes against humanity as self-evident truths that require universal condemnation and denouncement.

We hold that the Nobel Prize should be awarded within this universally-accepted context. Therefore, IUS Senate strongly denounces and condemns the Nobel Prize for Literature award to Peter Handke, whose denial of genocide and crimes against humanity, coupled with public support for sentenced war criminals, overshadows intellectual and linguistic dimensions of his works.

In effect, IUS Senate holds that his award and works, altogether personified in the name of Peter Handke, will promote the political and ideological message that requires the universal condemnation and denouncement.