The International University of Sarajevo (IUS) took fast and coordinated measures to prevent spreading of the corona virus on campus. From mid-March 2020 all IUS educational activities were transferred to online platforms to provide students with quality and uninterrupted education, yet in the safe environment of their homes.

Respecting the recommendations for physical distance, communication between professors and students was held online, and it included regular classes, homework, projects, quizzes and exams.

Also, all other activities at IUS have been, as much as possible, switched to online communication. Thus, the student survey, which in previous years has been conducted in pen and paper method, was done online this time round.

In this way, students were given the opportunity to fill out online forms at home, in a safe environment, and express their opinions on many issues of teaching at IUS, which may affect their success. Students evaluated the quality of teaching, course design and content, and the organization and coordination of online classes in general.

The goal of the student survey is to facilitate strategic planning for IUS management and enable better evaluation of academic staff, to give students the right to their opinion, and to provide IUS management and lecturers with meaningful feedbacks, all in order to improve the quality of the teaching process and inform further decision making and strategic planning at IUS.

The online student survey for the Spring semester was held from 18 to 22 May 2020, and was organized by the IUS Quality Assurance Office, with the support of the IUS Student Parliament (SPIUS), whose representatives demonstrated their active and professional role in this process.

The survey resulted in feedback from 2,430 student responses, and a total of courses were assessed.