Cooperation Between the Two Student Parliaments

On Monday, April 24, 2017, the cooperation between Student Parliament of IUS (SPIUS) and the Student Parliament of the Karabuk University has been established.  The two delegations agreed to work closely in the future in terms of the organization of joint projects (cultural trips and student conferences), and to propose an Erasmus+ exchange project for students of the two universities. President Mehmet Can and Vice-President Doguhan Kayan met with the Vice-Rector Assist. Prof. Dr. Faruk Berat Akcesme and International Relations Office Manager Lamija Hadžimurtezić to discuss university-wide projects.

Moreover, Student Parliament of Karabuk University offered contribution and support in implementing internship projects for IUS students (ME and EE program) in the City of Karabuk.

Ismail Ćidić, SPIUS president, emphasized that this is the second established cooperation with foreign student parliament after the one with the Student Parliament of the Texas A&M University. SPIUS members work closely on the improvement of these cooperation and establishment of the new ones.