CNC machines course organized at IUS

IUS Life - Lifelong learning center organized a 6-week CNC machines course which was held at IUS Architecture lab. The course lasted for 6 weeks and included lectures as well as practice work:

-    Basics of CNC machines, types and their components;

-    Basis of G code, way to use and conversion;

-    Basics of Corel Draw, Vectric aspire, laser and opticut program;

-    Post-processing, selection of tools and entry into executable program of CNC machines;

-    Work on the CNC milling machine manufacturers Knuth type of TFGM 1100 and

-    Work on the CO2 laser manufacturers Knuth type L-GRAPH 9060th.

The course instructor was expert in practice mr. Adnan Škulj.

Asmir Šehović, one of the course attendant, said: “The course was very interesting. I would like to thank our lecturer Adnan who had patience and will to teach us in the best way. Thank you for the wonderful experience.”

The next CNC course session will begin on November 1.