Class of 2019 Graduation Ceremony

In the evening hours on Friday, June 21, 2019, International University of Sarajevo (IUS) paid tribute to graduates of Class 2019 of all three study cycles for their hard work and success on their academic journey. During the open-air ceremony on the IUS Campus, 275 graduates of all three study cycles (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate) were awarded diplomas in presence of their parents, relatives and friends, faculty members, representatives of local government and distinguished members of the community, members of diplomatic corps, and other friends of the university.

The ceremony started with the address of the university Rector, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yıldırım, who expressed his pride and happiness for all the graduates. He said:

“Today you have accomplished one stage of your life. However, the end of one stage is the beginning of the new one. You have met the high challenges of higher education and it is our hope that the knowledge and formation you have received at IUS will help you to be the next generation of leaders in whatever fields you pursue.”

Rector Yıldırım wished all graduates bright future and to succeed in their goals, and thanked all those who helped them throughout their education.

Mr. Hasan Toplaoğlu, President of Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo, also congratulated hte graduates:

“I offer my congratulations to our 275 graduates from all cycles of education this year. I believe that having come from thousands of kilometers to share classes and friendships, they will go back to their home countries to forge new bridges between their nations and add to the prosperity of their countries.

After him, Prof. Dr. Hasan Zuhuri Sarıkaya, President of Board of Trustees, addressed the graduates. He reminded that IUS gas been growing and starting from next academic year, IUS will offer double degrees with Istanbul Technical University, ranked 169th on the world’s best universities list. He added:

“We hope and expect that, after you leave these halls, you will remain a part of IUS, and contribute to its development by adding your voice to its future steps, by taking an active part in its future growth and spread”.

The opening part of the ceremony ended with the address of Ilidža Municipality Major Senaid Memić which was received by the audience with great excitement, and after him at the very end with the speech of  H.E. Haldun Koç, Ambassador of Republic of Turkey, who also had a message for the IUS graduates. He said:

“Today is the day for you to celebrate your hard work and dedication you have put in over the last few years. Though you went through some ups and downs, today shows that it all paid off. Life is a process, and, you all move forward in your own path. You will all draw your own lives. Be brave to discover new routes, new lives, technology, people, everything at all. Take risks wisely. And, always remember you are brilliant, talented and precious youth of us.

At the Ceremony more than two thousand people were present and the late afternoon ambiance was delightful and filled with laughter and joy.

The best three students of four faculties were also credited for their outstanding academic achievements, in the order from 3rd to 1st ranked: at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences the best were Faruk Obuća, Meho Porobić and Bedrija Šahbaz; at the Faculty of Business and Public Administration the highest ranked were Ajla Čengić, Hamza Smajić and Lamija Jamak; at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences the best were Mirela Musić, Amina Krdžalić, and Bedrija Imamović; and at the Faculty of Law, Vezirka Salčin, Mediha Ibrahimović and Emir Ahmethodžić.

Bedrija Šahbaz from the Visual Arts and Visual Communications program was announced as the valedictorian of the Class of 2019.

This year, IUS Rector deemed three graduates worthy of special recognition: Ismail Ćidić, Nedim Sladić, and Hilal Yanık, who were credited for their exceptional contribution to the development of the university, dedication to IUS vision and mission, and voluntary work.

A cocktail was offered for everyone present at the Ceremony, so students, faculty, and guests had a chance to socialize and spend time together, and take many photos. The festivity continued till late evening hours and it was certainly a night to remember for all guests.