The Class of 2018, We Salute You

On Friday, June 22, 2018, International University of Sarajevo (IUS) paid tribute to graduates of Class 2018 of all three study cycles for their hard work and success in their academic journey. 260 graduates (Bachelors, Masters, and PhDs) celebrated their achievements.

Dean of Faculty of Business and Administration, Prof. Dr. Sencer Yeralan expressed his happiness for all graduates and their families, reminded graduates that, wherever they find themselves, they are IUS graduates and as IUS alumni, they should always make us proud. In his speech, Dr. Yeralan also said:

“At IUS, we are a proud family. And the graduation today signifies the epitome of our pride. For you the graduates, the ceremony is your rite of passage.  It signifies a point in time – a before and an after.  Before you were taught, shown, led, protected, fed, nourished, and yes, tolerated. After, you will be the members of society that picks up the baton to be the caregivers of the next generation. It is now your turns to teach, show, lead, protect, feed, nourish, and indeed, tolerate. The IUS Class of 2018… We congratulate you. We salute you”.

Students and guests were also greeted by Mr. Hasan Topaloglu, president of Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo (SEDEF), Prof. Dr. Hasan Zuhuri Sarikaya, president of Board of Trustees and Senaid Memic, the Mayor of Ilidža Municipality.

Mr. Topaloglu greeted the audience: “I am so thankful to God who brought us together on this tenth graduation ceremony of International University of Sarajevo. Congratulations to our dear graduates who made us happy with their graduation. This graduation ceremony not only gives us, the SEDEF Foundation founders, happiness, it also motivates us for new projects and new ventures. We have realized our goals in all cycles of education take it from our kindergarten on our campus, our primary school in Vraca, our Maarif College, to our PhD cycle we offer at our University. In the upcoming period, we will hopefully announce our new project whose infrastructure we have already prepared.

As the Foundation, we give the chance to successful students in need from 55 different countries by giving away the 55% per cent of our revenues to discounts and scholarships. InshaAllah, we will be striving to increase the amount of scholarships that we give”.

Dr. Sarikaya congratulated to graduates, their parents and IUS professors for successfully completing another chapter in their lives. “This is just one significant step forward in your life. From now on, you will continue to develop your professional career. Please, keep in touch with IUS and the IUS community throughout your professional life by becoming an Alumni Member or as a friend of IUS”, said Dr. Sarikaya.

In the joyful ambiance the student of generation, Mrs. Kanita Krdžalić-Korić, from the Electrical Engineering Program made a short address. She said:

“On behalf of the graduating class of 2018, I say welcome to everyone and thank you for celebrating this special day with us. This is a celebration of success, effort, persistence and struggle and we are delighted to witness the closure of this stage in our lives. IUS was not only the place where we had lectures and exams. It was the environment where we enjoyed the best period of our lives, where we were able to improve ourselves in many ways, make a lot of friends and connections and meet the love of our lives.

In the name of all students, I would like to thank SEDEF foundation for scholarships and continuous support in our education at this great university. To every single person who was part of this beautiful story, I would like to say “Thank you”, to all professors and assistants who encouraged us and shared their knowledge with us, to staff from Student Affairs Office, library, Career center, canteen, dormitories and all other offices established to serve us, the students”.

More than one thousand people were present at the ceremony, among them many from public life and the diplomatic core of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey.

After the ceremony, refreshments were served and it was a good opportunity for students, families, professors, officials, and guests to socialize and network, make new friends and celebrate the torch of knowledge.

The International University of Sarajevo was established by the Foundation for Education Development in Sarajevo (SEDEF) in 2003. Until now, the Foundation has also established, kindergarten “Kid IUS”, First Private Primary School “Isa-beg Ishakovic”, High school “Maarif koledž”, and service company Sedef Bosnia. The success of the Foundation ensures education continuity through its institutions. We witness that students from the Foundation’s kindergarten continue their education at the Foundation’s chain of successive schools, the elementary school, to “Maarif koledž” high school, and so on, fulfilling the goal of Foundation to provide quality education from kindergarten to Ph.D.

We wish to all IUS alumni happy and prosperous life

We wish all of IUS alumnus happy and prosperous life and successful career wherever their life takes them.