The charity work of the IUS professors

We are witnessing an increasing influx of refugees from the Middle East to Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Many of these people come with nothing because they have had to forcibly leave their country. Whole families, often with small children, live in inhumane conditions, in parks and various shelters. People from Bosnia and Herzegovina know best how to lose everything in one day, how difficult it is to be a refugee, and how good it is when help is available.

That there are good people everywhere was shown by the professors of the International University of Sarajevo, Jared O'Neil Bell and Joseph Jon Kaminski, who decided to help these refugees and show IUS compassion and humanity in action. At the time of Ramadan, they decided to launch an IUS Assistance Campaign, involving both students and academic and administrative staff. Some cash and material goods were collected and will be delivered to those most vulnerable.

Professors Bell and Kaminski are pleased with the success of this action, as it exemplifies the best qualities of our university. By their example, they showed students that IUS is not only about courses, syllabi, and classroom education, but much more importantly, about humanity, friendship, and compassion.

Because, in the end, you own only what you give.