Certificates for Successful Participants of IUS Life Academies

On Wednesday, September 13, 2017, successful participants of the Sales Academy and Real Estate Academy (Assessment according to IVS Standards), were awarded certificates at the certificate award ceremony, held at the International University of Sarajevo .  The courses were held at the IUS Life, Lifelong Learning Centre at the International University of Sarajevo, during June and July.

The instructors of courses, Dr. Sead Bašić (Sales Academy) and Prof. Mirza Muhasilović (Real Estate Academy) are experts in their fields, and participants of IUS Life had an opportunity to learn from their extensive professional experience.

The Sales Academy participant, Mr. Ajdin Pindžo, who is working at Dara, d.o.o. said that professor Bašić presented from his personal professional experience what it is really like to work in sales, the tools that help in the everyday activities. He added that prof. was very informal and professional in interaction, and that he transferred his knowledge and experience to participants in the best possible way.

Mr. Mirza Šaković, from Raiffeisen Bank, successfully completed Real Estate Academy, and said that it was very useful for him. “We have been working and have some experience as expert witnesses, but the practical knowledge that the lecturer delivered will be immensely useful for us.” said Šaković.

In the academic year to come, IUS Life will continue to organize different kinds of professional and personal development courses. The details about upcoming courses are available at www.life.ius.edu.ba