Certificates awarded to participants of the second cycle of the "Moja praksa" project

The ceremony of awarding certificates to participants of the second cycle of the project titled "Moja praksa” was held on Friday, February 6, 2015, in the premises of International University of Sarajevo (IUS), 58 participants of this internship program, received diplomas and certificates for their hard work during of three month practice on the real ICT projects under the mentorship of local IT companies. In addition to awarded certificates participants also received letters of appreciation from 14 companies that participated in this worthwhile project. 

This was an opportunity for everyone to socialize with business representatives and mentors and future potential employers. "We are extremely proud of all students who come from different Universities in Sarajevo and who have successfully completed this program. In particular, we congratulate those who through their work on this project managed to secure employment. Cooperation between academia and industry is key to overcoming current disagreements in the labor market '' - said Assist Prof. Dr. Jasminka Hasić Telalović, coordinator of the program. 

We invite all interested graduate students of computer sciences to apply and register for the third cycle of training. 

More information can be found on the official website of the project: http://projects.ius.edu.ba/usaidp4i