Celebration of World Bioethics Day held at IUS, BBI and SCC

On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, students of Genetics and Bioengineering Department of International University of Sarajevo organized series of events in the city of Sarajevo as a part of the first global celebrations of the World Bioethics Day.

The activities were held as a prelude to the International conference “Bioethics in the Era of Genomics and Personalized Medicine”, which will take place on October 28, 2016 at IUS. Citizens of Sarajevo as well as fellow students had the opportunity to find out more about the recent breakthroughs in the fields of biology and medicine and how they might impact our contemporary lives. They were also asked to answer an apparently simple question: “Would you design genes of your children?” by leaving their hand prints on a hanging laboratory coat. The responses were numerous and so were the questions and discussions that were raised afterwards. Except their interest to leave their response, participants were kind to share reasons of their color selection and ideas about these topics. Most frequent reasons for “yes” were possibility to avoid certain genetically predisposed diseases, and for “no” were that activity of this and any similar kind are not needed and may not follow ethical and religious norms. Citizens showed a great interest in the burning biomedical issues and were not at all indifferent towards both positive and negative consequences of biomedical research.

All three coats will be part of research exhibit during the Conference, and overall opinion of Sarajevo citizens and IUS students will be transparent.