Celebration of World Bioethics Day 2018

Celebration of the "World Bioethics Day 2018" was held at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS)  through the series of the events organized by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Unit of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina has supported this and last two years’ World Bioethics Day celebration at the IUS through the research grants awarded to Prof. Dr. Sabina Semiz, the Head of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Unit of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics.

The topic of this year celebration was the "Solidarity and Cooperation", which is referring to the Article 13 of Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights that was adoped in October 2005.

Earlier in October Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mongi Benjeddou, from the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa, visited IUS and talked about an involvement of his research team in the DNA identification of skeletal remains of apartheid activists in South Africa. He also talked about the significance of international solidarity as the work was done with the help of the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team.

This event was followed by visit of Dr. Heike Felzmann, a lecturer in ethics at the Philosophy department at the National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland. Dr. Felzmann's research addresses issues in healthcare ethics, research ethics and the ethics of information technologies, especially robotics. 

On October 26th Dr. Felzmann delivered a lecture titled “The good healthcare organization: Organizational ethics, trustworthiness and solidarity", in which she spoke about the interface between the individual and the organizational aspect of the delivery of good health care, trustworthiness of organizations, and its connections with the concept of solidarity.

Professor Semiz addressed the audience briefly and talked about an importance of strengthening the solidarity, cooperation, and team work between nations, institutions, universities, and research teams. She also talked about the modernization of curricula in biomedical faculties in Bosnia and Herzegovina and inclusion of the "Bioethics" course in the Genetics and Bioenginnering curriculum, which this semester has been started to be taught at our University.