Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the 1st private elementary school Isa bey Ishaković and Graduation Ceremony

First private elementary school Isa bey Ishaković celebrated its 20th anniversary on Wednesday, 25th of May, 2016. Also, students and staff organized Graduation Ceremony for graduates.

The students of this elementary school performed a very impressive program for the audience and members of student clubs presented their activities, too.

IUS Rector Prof. Dr. Yücel Oğurlu, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Korkut, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Gursel, Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhamed Ali and Armin Kerić, representatives of the International University of Sarajevo, attended the ceremony. Parents, family members and friends of students also attended the Ceremony. Nezira Popovac, the director of the Isa Bey Ishaković elementary school, thanked all of them for coming.