B&H Government will co-finance IUS project "Summer school of innovation"

At the request of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Council of Ministers at its 30th meeting held on December 4, 2012 adopted a decision on allocation of current grant for funding the projects in the field of "Support inventiveness and technical culture" for 2012.

As part of approved projects is also a project of IUS called "Summer School of innovation", whose carrier is Assist. Prof. Dr. Jasminka Hasić-Telalović, who is also the head of the Committee for Research at IUS.

IUS project "Summer School of innovation" will include students of third and fourth year of high school in the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina (region of Banja Luka, Tuzla, Sarajevo and Mostar).

As a reason for the necessity of organizing these schools Dr. Telalović said that, both in the world and in our country, a trend of decreased interest of young people in technical sciences is noticed. Assist. Prof. Dr. Jasminka Telalović says that, through this school we plan to stop this kind of trend and will promote the technical culture, as well as its commercialization through summer school programs to high school students. We plan to organize the following three programs:

These three programs will be held at the same time and each student will choose one of these three programs.

Number of students who will be involved in each program is 20, so that the plans include a total of 60 students. Since technical sciences are not gender balanced, priority for registration will be given to female students (in case you have the same good application as opposing to male candidate).

Classes will be organized, from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, with one hour lunch break.

The total number of hours that students will spend in each program is 30. The remaining 10 hours will be utilized in the following manner. After a break for lunch lectures and seminars will be organized on following topics:

All classes and lectures in the "Summer School of innovation" will be organized in English.

For students, who come from outside of the city of Sarajevo, they are provided comfortable accommodation in the dormitories of the International University of Sarajevo.

International University of Sarajevo is proud of the fact that in its team has professors and researchers like Assist. Prof. Dr. Jasminka Hasić-Telalović, who actively participate in the EU, B&H and other projects as well as contributing to scientific, technological, economic, cultural and social development of their communities.

The exact date of the beginning of "Summer School of innovation" will be announced later on www.ius.edu.ba.