The best young Students in Informatics at IUS

The "B&H Olympiad in Informatics" Association organized the 16th state B&H Competition in Informatics for primary and secondary schools this year. The competition was held on Saturday and Sunday, 16/17.06.2012, on the premises of the International University of Sarajevo.

Among the 110 registered competitors (for both competitions), who came from all parts of B&H, the following students achieved the best results:

CATEGORY FOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS 1. Andrej Ivaniš, Gymnasium from Banja Luka,2. Second place was shared between:Daniel Ferizović, Secondary School from Bosanski Petrovac,Ishak Numanagić, Gymnasium from Sarajevo,3. Alexander Kelečević, Gymnasium from Banja Luka.CATEGORY FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS 1. Adnan Brđanin, Primary School "Musa Ćazim Ćatić," Sarajevo 2. Irfan Smajević, Primary School '' Hilmi ef. Šarić - Tarčin, Hadžići3. Fatih Zukorlić, Primary School, "Hamdija Kreševljaković", Sarajevo.

Those Competitions are primarily in the interest of B&H students and of great importance for their further education, and scientific and professional development.

The presence of such a large number of participants at this Competition proves not only the talents of these participants, but also the quality of the teaching at their schools, along with the hard work of the students and their teachers.

As a reward for their achievements in the competition, the management of the International University of Sarajevo awarded the top three students in the Competition for Secondary Schools each a scholarship to study at the International University.

The main objective of this scholarship is to encourage them concretely for further education and their professional development and as far as possible, to promote computer knowledge and skills among talented young people.

By providing free education at the International University of Sarajevo, the intention is to keep those young computer geniuses at the University and therefore, stay in their country, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is interesting to note that the 2nd Placed Competitor, Daniel Ferizović from Bosanski Petrovac, is the brother of last year's 2nd Placed Competitor in the same competition, Damir Ferizović, who continued his education successfully in Germany.