Bedrija Imamović, IUS Architecture student on Erasmus+ exchange at Middle East Technical University, Turkey

It was one thing to listen to other people’s experiences and another thing to experience it first-hand. As much as I had researched and talked to people who have visited Middle East Technical University I could never imagine what had awaited me.

The fact that I am spending a semester at the best university in Turkey means a lot for my professional and academic career. I am exposed to very different ideas, approaches, and professionals to which I had to adapt. The adaptation wasn’t difficult since I was ready for what is new and different. The scale of the campus, facilities, buildings, amenities and services, dormitories, cuisine, everything left me in awe as soon as I arrived and continues to surprise me day to day. I was lucky to have an opportunity to choose courses which are of a great benefit for me, whose content I couldn’t receive and experience in my country, such as visiting three different factories and working on unique assignments.

Despite the intellectually demanding surrounding I am feeling fulfilled and free to design my schedule. Even thought the campus is self-sustaining and very student friendly I use all the opportunities to see the other face of Ankara which feels like a different city with regards to the University.

As an Erasmus student I have a very diverse and international friend circle with whom I am constantly making plans for new trips and experiences. I am lucky to have an opportunity to visit cities such as Istanbul, Alanya, Cappadocia, Safranbolu, Beypazari, Konya, Amasra, Pamukkale etc. I do not need to mention that Turkey has extremely affordable prices which makes our stay unforgettable. I am not sure how the second half of our stay is going to look like, but I am hoping that it will not flee as quickly as the first half. In the end we will have memories that we couldn’t have dreamt of in our wildest dreams!