Association of African Students at IUS

On Thursday, December 20, 2012, members of the Association of African Students at IUS, visited Vice Rector for Academic Activities and Student Affairs at IUS, Prof. Dr. Ismail Kocayusufoğlu.

The association was founded at IUS a month ago, and brings students together from various countries of Africa: Ghana, Uganda, Chad, Kenya, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania.

Vice Rector, Prof. Dr. Ismail Kocayusufoğlu wished a warm welcome to students and expressed his satisfaction that IUS brings students from different continents together. He expressed his satisfaction that this institution of higher education, in addition to other regions in the world, has highly successful students from various countries of African continent in its classrooms.

Most of these students graduated from prestigious schools in the countries of their origin, and speak several languages in addition to their native, such as: French, Arabic, English, Turkish and Berber.

For instance, a student from Chad, Mr. Adoum Muhammad speaks fluent French, Arabic, and several local languages. Before he came to IUS, he graduated from renowned French primary school in the capital of Chad, N'djamena, and then from secondary Franco-Arab high school.

Mr. Adil Migdad comes from Uganda and speaks English fluently. He successfully passed the entrance exam at IUS and directly enrolled in the Program of the Faculty of Business and Administration, the International and Public Relations Program.

Some of the African students are currently attending classes in the English Language School and are learning English at IUS. These are: Mr. Ali Bousbia from Algeria, Mr. Souleymane Ouedraogo from Burkina Faso, Mr. Adam Mubarak from Ghana, Mr. Abdul Wahab Yaqub from Sudan, Mr. Sid Ahmed Saidy and Taleb Mahfoudh from Mauritania, Mr. El- Mustapha Ait Sidi Mohammed from Morocco. Mr. Ait Sidi Mohammed is the president of the Association of African Students at IUS and speaks fluently French, Arabic and Berber language.

During the meeting with Vice-Rector Kocayusufoğlu, African students stressed that they are honored to be a part of an international environment at IUS, and that they will do their best in achieving the best results in the studies of their choice.

Most African students are young people who just arrived to Bosnia and are living now separated, and far away from their families. Taken into consideration that this environment is new for all of them, and gives them direct contact with people of different mentality from what they are used to, Vice Rector, Prof. Dr. Ismail Kocayusufoglu expressed his willingness to truly help the students in solving their problems, as well as helping them to get used to their new life in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He pointed out that the newly established Students Consultation Center at IUS, has professionals who are very dedicated to their work and all in the service of students. It will help many students in overcoming the differences related to culture and mentality.

The meetings of Association of African students with the leading representatives of IUS will be organized in the future as well.