Ambassador of Council of Europe Drahoslav Štefánek Lectured at IUS

On Wednesday November 8, 2017, Ambassador Drahoslav Štefánek, Head of Office of the Council of Europe, gave a lecture to the IR312 Diplomacy class and the IUS community, at the invitation of the International Relations Department.

Ambassador Štefánek gave an in-depth explanation about the work of the Council of Europe and the goals it wishes to accomplish in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Following the lecture the ambassador answered a wide array of questions from both students and academics, ranging from inquiries about the current state of human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina to how the Council of Europe is operating in other parts of Europe.

The visit of Ambassador is part of an ongoing series organized by the International Relations department that aims to present students with the practical knowledge from experts and practitioners in the field of international relations, which goes beyond the classroom.