Alma Jeftić in Governing Board of „Research Network Transnational Memory and Identity in Europe“

Alma Jeftić in Governing Board of „Research Network on Transnational Memory and Identity in Europe“

Alma Jeftić, Senior Assistant of the IUS Psychology program, was elected to the Governing Board of the "Research Network on Transnational Memory and Identity in Europe“.

The Network brings together scholars who analyze transnational politics and policies of memory, processes of memory entrepreneurship, cultures of remembrance and identity construction in the context of European integration. A major aim is to strengthen cutting-edge and interdisciplinary research in the social sciences and humanities. 

Being a member of the Board means person is centrally involved in all the decisions and planning for this Network for the period of two years, which includes research, networking, support the work of co-chairs, international seminars, conferences, projects and more.

The Network is currently constituted by over 250 academics based in eighteen different countries on five continents.  The elections were organised through the e-ballots and all registered members of the Network were eligible to run for election and/or to vote. 

Alma Jeftić is psychologist and Senior Assistant at the International University of Sarajevo. She is Ph.D. candidate in Psychology at the University of Belgrade where she received Borislav Lorenc award aimed at the outstanding students of psychology. In 2017 she received Go Styria Scholarships for the best doctoral students from South-East Europe therefore she currently studies at the University of Graz.