Allahimanet Bosna: Migrations of Bosnians to the Ottoman Lands

On behalf of Embassy of Republic of Turkey in Sarajevo, Office of Culture and Tourism organized an event ‘Allahimanet Bosna: Bosnian Migration to the Ottoman Lands’ of author dr. Tufan Gündüz at the International Unversity of Sarajevo (IUS).

During the promotion of this book, Prof. Dr. Tufan Gündüz gave a brief talk about his research in this region and other important occasion. With sad memories, he was talking about suffering of Bosnians when they migrate to Anatolia after decline of Ottoman Empire from that area in 19th century. Participants had an opportunity to ask questions.

Prof. Dr. Tufan Gündüz also introduced his book in Sarajevo Book Fair which was held from 20 to 25th of April. He was presented as keynote speaker at this event.

Rector of IUS, Prof. Dr. Yücel Oğurlu welcomed EUFOR President of the Turkish Representation of Trustees Colonel, Abdullah Özkantar, LOT Commanders for Culture and Manager of Tourism Ministry, Libraries and General Broadcast, Hamdi Turşucu as well as ministries of Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Sarajevo.