Adem Redžović presented Brazilian jiu-jitsu to IUS students

Students of the International University of Sarajevo had the unique opportunity to talk to the coach and learn more about the jiu-jitsu martial arts from professional trainer who is teaching the practical and theoretical knowledge of jiu-jitsu for the past 14 years. Coach Adam Redžović is currently working on teaching the future agents of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in jiu-jitsu defense techniques. Adem Redžović is a Bronze Medal holder from the Martial Arts-World Championship, as well as a holder of many other awards and recognitions from sports competitions in martial arts and defense disciplines. Redžović lives in the United States (USA), Chicago, and works as instructor and lecturer of defense sport techniques and is one of the world's renowned trainers of Japanese martial arts and jiu-jitsu techniques.

The “Jiu Jitsu self defense techniques and training” seminar was organized on Thursday, 5 March, 2015 at the International University of Sarajevo. Jiu-Jitsu trainer, Adam Redžović was the instructor who demonstrated the defensive grappling techniques, a non-striking hybrid style formed from wrestling, jiu jitsu, judo and samba that applies control techniques, leverage and choking in order to force the opponent to give up the fight. IUS students had the opportunity to theoretically and practically learn more about this technique which was developed as new martial arts skill, effective for people of less physical constitution and power. During the seminar, which was held from 5th to 7th March, members of sports clubs in Sarajevo and IUS students had the opportunity to practically apply the method of Jiu-Jitsu and test the skills of defense. IUS Rector, Prof. Dr. Yücel Oğurlu,  Artem Avaneşyan with cooperation of the Department for Social, Cultural and Health Activities (SACHS) organized the seminar.

The aim of the seminar was to learn about the Jiu-Jitsu technique and related defense techniques, but also promote the newly opened "International JSJ and Jiu Jitsu, Grappling" sports club. During the seminar, Redžović talked about the Brazilian jiu-jitsu martial art, where he said that this combat sports skill focuses on ground fighting with the goal of gaining a dominant position and using joint locks. "This sport is an individual martial art with a technique that is applied for all types of athletes, in order to make proper use of combat efficiency methods, and encourage each person to further develop", said Redžović.