6th SHETalks session: What is your Five to Nine?

On Friday, September 14, 2018, a lecture was held at the IUS Conference room by Jasmine Shells. The Lecture was titled: What is your Five to Nine. At the lecture, there were many members of academic and administrative staff.

Jasmine Shells is an experienced project manager and results-driven professional. She is a proud graduate of the University of Notre Dame and current MBA candidate at Chicago Booth. She is also the CEO/Co-Founder of Five to Nine, a culture engagement platform that increases employee connectivity and inclusion while providing analytics to drive people strategy. She serves the community by teaching students about entrepreneurship through volunteering and speaking engagements.

This event was organized as part of the IUS Gender Equality Plan whose focus is gender equality in higher education. Coordinator of SAGE project, Dr. Jasminka Hasic Telalović welcomed all participants and gave a brief introduction about the dynamics of the session.

SHETalks is an opportunity for academic and administrative staff to exchange experience, discuss, develop and share new ideas. Also, it is planned to invite guests from outside the IUS, who would open new perspectives on the situations that we encounter in higher education with their stories or lectures. SHETalks is also a useful opportunity for a better and stronger connection between academic and administrative staff. All IUS staff is invited to take an active part in those sessions.