555 years of Ahdnama: Bosnian unity in diversity

On Thursday, May 10, 2018, a lecture was held at the main amphitheatre of the International University of Sarajevo on the topic "555 Years of Ahdnama: Bosnian Unity in Diversity". The guest lecturers were a historian at the Institute for History, Dr. Sedad Bešlija, and Professor of Franciscan Theology, Dr. Fr. Ivan Šarčević.

Ahdnama is a document given by Sultan Fatih to Fr. Anđel Zvizdović in Fojnica, on May 28, 1463, after Friar Andjel demanded protection for Bosnian Franciscans and Catholics at the time when the Ottoman army conquered Bosnia. The lecturers focused on the context of the time in which Ahdnama was given, taking into account the long-standing tradition of Bosnian Franciscans who lived in the territory of the then Kingdom of Bosnia for hundreds of years, and the moment of the occupation of Bosnia by the Ottoman army. They talked about the significance of the document for the Franciscan then and today and of its messages in modern times.

They emphasized what is today's tolerance and what it really should be because we live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has always been a state between the East and the West, in which different empires and systems have been shifted, and which has always been colourful in terms of religion and nationality. The lecture was organized by the European Muslim Student Association (EMSA), which has organized and implemented many activities and projects in the past four years.