5. SHETalks: Workshop for Program Coordinators

On Friday, May 18, 2018, a workshop titled: Implicit Gender Bias was held at the International University of Sarajevo. The workshop was held by PhD candidate in Psychology at the University of Belgrade, Alma Jeftic.

Coordinator of SAGE project, dr. Jasminka Hasić Telalović welcomed all the attendees and expressed the importance of this workshop in order to improve the quality of work, both in the administrative, as well as in academic and students field. 

The workshop was attended by: doc. dr. Ervin Kovačević, Program Coordinator of the Department of English Language and Literature (FASS), Assoc. prof. dr. Aliye Fatma Mataraci, Program Coordinator, Department of Social and Political Sciences (FASS), Assoc. prof. dr. Kenan Zekić, Program Coordinator of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Visual Design (FASS), Assoc. prof. dr. Giovanni Misceo, program coordinator of Department of Psychology (FASS), doc. dr. Peter Plenta, Program Coordinator, Department for International Relations and Public Administration (FBA), doc. dr. Emin Tahirovic, program coordinator of Department of Software Engineering (FENS), doc. dr. Joseph John Kaminski (FBA), Senior Assistant, Endris Mekonnen Faris (FBA), doc. dr. Alma Hudović-Kljuno (FENS) and HR representative, manager Irma Mešić and associate assistant Naida Kurt.

The participants were able to hear the concept of gender bias, how to recognize it, and how to pay more attention to its prevention. Alma Jeftić, in her presentation, presented examples of studies, as well as statistical data on the research on this topic. 

At the very end of the workshop, conclusions have been made, which will facilitate further work and improve the quality of work, especially to HR services, then to the program coordinators, to introduce the concept of gender as prevention against the creation of bias through the education system and curricula.

SHETalks is an opportunity for academic and administrative staff to exchange experiences, discuss, develop and share new ideas. Also, it is planned to invite guests outside the IUS, who would open new perspectives on the situations that we encounter in higher education with their stories and lectures. SHETalks is also a useful opportunity to establish a better and stronger relationship between academic and administrative staff. 

All IUS employees are invited to actively participate in the following sessions.