3rd International Conference on Sustainable Development Opened

The 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Development was opened at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) on April 20, 2017. Prof. Dr. Azis Pollozhan, Rector of Mother Theresa University, and Mr. Amer Bukvic, CEO of Bosna Bank International were the keynote speakers who began the conference with their presentations in the morning of the opening day.

In his presentation about sustainable development in BiH, Mr. Bukvic mentioned the benefits of IUS being part of its environment. The dynamics of having international students in Sarajevo starts positive processes that benefit the society, such as international cooperation, encouraging entrepreneurship, attracting investments, etc.

 “I believe that the region has great potential to become important educational hub, in that respect International University of Sarajevo is a very important project.” He also added that the region can achieve its potentials in education by overcoming inter-country fragmentation in the West Balkans, and establishing an area of cooperation similar to the Tempus project.

The Conference attracted more than 190 academicians registered to participate. Over 140 abstracts have been submitted for presentations, and 80 of them will be presented from April 20 - 21. The program will continue with a tour to most interesting cities and sights in BiH, ending on April 23. It was organized jointly by Yildiz Technical University and Zenith Group-Europecongress, in cooperation with the International University of Sarajevo, Marmara University, University of New York Tirana, Mother Teresa University, Bosna Bank International and CNR Group.