3D Microscope Presentation

On 22nd of March 2016, in the organization of Research and Development Center, local company “Hirox” held a presentation about ‘3D Microscope’ in the IUS senate room. The 3-D optical microscope has become a versatile tool for measuring areal surface topography and texture in a wide variety of industries. A key factor in the growth of industrial applications has been hardware and software implementations that streamline and simplify its use, particularly for technician-level users.

Purpose of this presentation was to show high technological device to the students, encourage them to work with those devices, and also guide them for their futures. The 3D optical microscope is used in material testing, forensic, bioengineering, electronics, watch makers, perfumery, etc. Presentation was attended by: Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohamed E. Yahija Kelib, program coordinator for ME, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ragab Abdel Gawwad, program coordinator for BE, as well as many other professors and students.