IUS Research and Development Center

IUS Research and Development Center covers an area of ​​over 1,300 square meters. The Center has laboratories that specialize in following scientific areas: bioengineering, genetics, chemistry, physics, mecatronics, electronics, telecommunications and computer science. Research and Development at IUS aims to become one of the leading research institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This center has following priorities:

  • Inclusion of students from all three study cycles in the scientific research process in order to develop undergraduate, graduate and doctoral theses
  • Keeping professional scientific research and its application in industry and other institutions, as well as economic projects
  • Strengthening contacts with institutions with which the University has signed agreements on cooperation
  • Establishing new contacts with other institutions in order to improve the implementation of research projects
  • Unique place for research and publication of papers for above scientific fields 

Website: https://research.ius.edu.ba