Western Blot Technique Workshop Held at IUS RDC

Western blot workshop

The “Western Blot Technique" workshop was organized at the IUS Research and Development Center (RDC) on Friday, October 6, 2023. This workshop was a hands-on training program designed to educate about the principles, procedures, and applications of the Western blotting technique. Western blotting is a crucial molecular biology method used for detecting specific proteins in a complex mixture of biological samples.

This specific activity brought together esteemed professors from the Faculties of Medicine in Banja Luka, Foča, and Mostar. The workshop, generously supported by MikroPolo, aimed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise in Western blotting, as well as foster collaboration, share ideas, and increase networking among medical professionals. The primary objective of this workshop was to create a platform for experienced professors to share their expertise in the Western blot technique. Through discussions and hands-on sessions, participants had a chance to exchange valuable insights, best practices, and the latest advancements in the field. The participants also had the opportunity to discuss and learn practical tips and tricks for successful Western blot experiments.

The workshop was a valuable experience for all the participants and IUS RDC is always happy to provide opportunities for sharing knowledge, collaborating, and networking. We are looking forward to hosting similar events in the future.