Waqf Directorate and International University of Sarajevo Forge Academic Partnership


With the aim of fostering academic excellence and promoting cultural heritage, the Waqf Directorate of the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), in collaboration with the IUS Center for Balkan Studies (BSC), have forged academic partnership through a memorandum of cooperation.

The memorandum, signed on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, serves as a comprehensive framework for the execution of collaborative activities and programs designed to enhance academic, educational, and professional cooperation between the Waqf Directorate and IUS.

The agreement outlines a range of ambitious objectives, underscoring the shared commitment to advancing knowledge and preserving cultural heritage. A primary goal is to encourage and elevate the realms of science and practice. This initiative seeks to create an environment that fosters intellectual growth and innovation. An essential component of the partnership is to raise awareness about the significance of waqf institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This effort aims to shed light on the historical and cultural importance of these institutions. Moreover, the memorandum provides a platform for the implementation of both domestic and international projects. Collaborative efforts are expected to yield innovative projects contributing to community and national progress. A cornerstone of the collaboration is the exchange of professional and scientific experiences and information. The partnership will see the organization of various educational events, including conferences, symposia, congresses, seminars, courses, summer schools, and workshops. These platforms will facilitate meaningful discussions and knowledge-sharing among scholars, researchers, and students. An exciting aspect of the collaboration is the opportunity it presents for IUS students. They will gain practical experience through training and internships at the Waqf Directorate, further enhancing their professional competencies.

To achieve these objectives, the signatories have committed to actively participate in the development of joint initiatives, collaborative research, the implementation of domestic and international projects, and jointly seeking funding opportunities. Additionally, they will contribute to the implementation of scientific and educational curricula, encompassing undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuous education projects.

An integral part of this collaboration is the development of an annual Activity Plan. This plan will outline specific actions, milestones, and targets to ensure the successful realization of the Memorandum.