Virtual Exchange Journey between IUS and Columbia College Students: A Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Visual Communications

Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Visual Communications

Students from the Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design (VACD) program at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) collaborated with their peers from Columbia College, USA, as part of a Virtual Exchange initiative focused on researching and presenting topics within the realm of visual communications. The collaboration involved students enrolled in two courses, namely "Introduction to Visual Communication" for VACD students and "Communication Today" for Columbia College students.

Dr. Ahmet Aksoy, Assistant Professor of Communication at Columbia College, and Emir Hambo, Assistant Professor and VACD Program Coordinator at the International University of Sarajevo, spearheaded this innovative project. The initiative brought together 11 diverse groups, fostering collaboration, discussions, and the exchange of experiences and cultural heritage.

Throughout the project duration, the participating groups carried out a comparative analysis of how their respective cultures approach advertising and target their prospective audiences. This undertaking provided an excellent platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and cultural backgrounds. Additionally, it served as an opportunity to establish a network of new connections and friendships among the students involved. This collaborative effort not only enhanced the academic experience for the students but also contributed to a broader understanding of global perspectives in the field of visual communications.