TEF Blended Skills Competition, Fatima, Portugal


As part of the TEF (Tourism Education Future) project, whose partner is the IUS Lifelong Learning Center, together with institutions from 7 countries, a competition in gastronomic skills was held in Fatima, Portugal.

The competition titled TEF Blended Skills Competition started at the beginning of November in an online format and the final competition was held from 13/11 to 16/11/2023 and organized by the host institution Insignare, Qurem. Students of the Hospitality and Tourism School from Sarajevo, Elma Hodzic, Ajdin Mesinovic, and Kemal Velic, together with their mentor Haris Bidzevic, were members of transnational competition teams with students from Italy and Portugal. During the online part of the competition, student competitors presented interactive approaches to national and regional cuisines.

The theme of the final competition was Mediterranean cuisine, and one of the main judging criteria, in addition to taste and creativity, was waste reduction.

The first place was won by the team of Ajdin Mesinovic for the vegetarian appetizer The Smell of Autumn, the second place was the team of Elma Hodzic with its dessert The Canolli Candel of Fatíma and the third place was won by the team of Kemal Velic with the main dish Better Chefs chicken roll.

We congratulate the hard-working students on their exceptional success!

This competition was an opportunity to present our culinary tradition in the best possible way.

The TEF project aims to bring innovations in vocational education in the tourism sector through various activities intended for students, teachers, and trainers.

​IUS Lifelong Learning Center