Study Visit to the FBiH Development Programming Institute

Study Visit to the FBiH Development Programming Institute

On Thursday, May 16, 2024, students who attend the "Regional Development and EU" course, led by adjunct professor Dr. Rijad Kovač, visited the Development Programming Institute of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (DPI) in Sarajevo. The visit provided a unique opportunity for students to gain practical insights into the role and functioning of government planning institutions in regional development.

DPI, a key public institution responsible for strategic development planning in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, plays a vital role in analyzing social and economic trends, conducting macroeconomic analyses, and coordinating strategic planning across various governmental levels. The Institute also publishes the Development Index for cantons and municipalities, an official measure of regional development.

The visit began with a comprehensive briefing by the Acting Director, Nijaz Avdukić, who explained the core functions, history, and responsibilities of the Institute. This was followed by a detailed presentation on the preparation of the municipal and cantonal Development Index by Expert Advisor Adnan Šečerbajtarević. The session offered students invaluable exposure to the practical aspects of regional development planning within an EU framework.

Students left with a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in policy integration and the importance of multi-level governance in fostering balanced regional growth. The visit highlighted the critical role DPI plays in the process of EU integration, particularly through its coordination of the Economic Reform Program and Growth Plan for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Development Programming Institute for their hospitality and the invaluable insights shared during this educational visit.